We appreciate the kind words of our clients; many of whom we are pleased to have worked with on more than one occasion.

Shelter Alternatives designed and built our house in 2000 and we have loved it since the day we moved in.  This past year (22 years later) we worked with Shelter again on interior and exterior updates to our home.  As expected, they lived up to their reputation!  Shelter’s design team listened to our lifestyle needs and designed a project for us that we think is great.  The construction crew members that made our project come to life were skilled, professional and pleasant to have on our property.  If it’s even possible, we now love our house even more!

Bill and Donna, February 2023

We deeply appreciate the way Shelter Alternatives associates came to our rescue to undertake the repairs and reconstruction at our home after extensive water damage … Their friendliness and attention to detail went a long way in easing our inconvenience and anxiety … We are forever grateful for all you have done to ease us through this traumatic experience. 

Jim and Carole, November 2021


Thanks so much for suggesting and accommodating our tile meeting upon hearing about our last-minute scheduled trip to Blacksburg.  We were not intending to interrupt anyone's schedule but of course the truth is that your presence and knowledge saved us from ourselves on this occasion. We both felt like we accomplished so much in that meeting and feel great about the selections.  

Suzy, May 2021

I want to say thank you again for having Laszlo fix my minor deck issue.  He did his usual fine job and please let him know how much I appreciate it.  He gave me an elegant solution.

You have an exceptional team of competent, caring folks at Shelter Alternatives.  Our community is lucky to have you here and I know I'm lucky to be associated with you!

Jean, April 2021

Thank you to everybody for making this COVID summer wonderful for us. Now we feel like we are moving into a new house! Thank you for the goody bag. We have not wasted any time in trying out the organic and local treasures. The mug matches my collection of local pottery!

Rosemary and Steve, July 2020

We are very pleased with the porch and think it will really enhance the use of the space.  As always, your staff are wonderful to work with and kept us informed all along the way.  I’ll let you know when I dream up the next project! We appreciate you and your entire crew!

Barbara, December 2020

I highly recommend Shelter Alternatives for design and general contracting. Shelter Alternatives did a major home renovation for us that included completely removing the existing roof, replacing insulation with spray foam, replacing all duct work, and installing a new metal roof. The job also included completely demolishing and rebuilding one room, and converting attic space into another finished room. The job required a lot of subcontractors who had to be coordinated and managed, especially for the roofing job. Shelter Alternatives was excellent about ensuring that all of the subcontractor work was completed correctly and to our satisfaction. The insulation work is already paying off by cutting our power bill by more than half and making our house significantly more comfortable. I will definitely use Shelter Alternatives for any future renovations.

Patrick R., April 2019

We LOVE working with all of you at Shelter Alternatives, Inc.!

Diana, April 2019

Thank you for the beautiful work you have done in our Gallery! You not only gave our new resident organizations a wonderful new home, but you have enhanced the beauty and use of our own tremendously! We look forward to the next phases to come!

The Artful Lawyer, April 2019

​Thank you for a great job and wonderful and patient team.

Lorrie, 2019

Thank you, Joe!!! We love everything you’re doing for us! Can’t wait to move in :).

Erin, Eric, Owen and Melody, December 2018

Chris - Thank you/Shelter for looking at this situation. I sing your praises all the time as an example of great service long after the job is done.

Wilson R., September 2017

Thanks to all for the care and attention to quality you put into our renovations. We love the way it turned out.

Peter P., May 2017

Shelter Alternatives did a kitchen remodel for us. We were very pleased. Their attention to detail from the design through the construction was excellent. Communication between Shelter Alternative's staff and the client was easy and professional. We would use them again.

Marilyn R., January 2017

Designed and built a home addition for us with perfect results, on time, on budget, with no surprises, and nothing that needed any attention at the end of their one-year warranty...except the shed door did need a small adjustment upward to keep the weather stripping from dragging on the threshold a little too much. They actually phoned us at the end of the warranty
to see if we needed anything. We've since used them for replacement windows with the same perfect result. We highly recommend them.

Bill and Kathy S., February 2017

Dear Ed –

Thank you so much for your ideas, thoughts and wisdom as we work to figure this out. You’ve been awesome, and we are so grateful!

Erin W., April 2017

Shelter has done two major jobs for us. First in 2015 a modified roof line to cover a rear patio and correct a water intrusion problem (2015). Then in 2016, a complete kitchen remodel, which included changing the layout of the kitchen. Both jobs were professionally done. Supervisor kept us completely informed and the crews they had out were top notch. Shelter Alternatives is my go to remodel firm now

Roger B., August 2016

To everyone at Shelter - We can’t believe it has been 10 years since the completion of our lovely home. We are so proud of it and when showing it off, our friends and family are always amazed at the attention to detail given and the superior construction.

We are grateful for all the hard work everyone put into our home and every home Shelter completes. The quality puts us at ease, knowing how secure our home is. We just wanted to recognize and thank you for being the best home builders in the area, probably in the state!

Michael and Marilyn G., August 2016

...We are happy repeat clients of Shelter Alternatives and chose your company when we had the opportunity to build a new house on a rather challenging site “down in the valley”. Our new home is beautifully situated to fit well with the existing topography and takes full advantage of fantastic valley views. Working with Joe Bassett again was a pleasure and he listened well to our wants and needs to provide us with a house in which we can age in place. We don’t foresee any more construction plans in our future but if that came about we would certainly contact Shelter Alternatives.

Marty and Mary G., October 2015

We are enjoying watching the new house being built … Just wanted to tell you that we’re thrilled with the whole process. Joe was and is wonderful to work with - love his vision and his caring self. He pushed us when we needed to be pushed and was supportive when we needed that. Alice’s creative self has opened me up to possibilities that I would have never considered on my own but which I love and am most excited to actually see in place. John went way beyond anything that was required of him in helping us deal with the insurance company. We feel so lucky to be working with the Shelter team and all your sub-contractors.

Annie S., December 2015

Ed Tuchler and his team at Shelter built my dream home for me in 2004, and it has more than fulfilled every expectation I had based on what I knew of this company's reputation. Joe Bassett was our designer: he was extremely knowledgeable about building techniques and could not have been more pleasant to work with. The team has also been great about follow-up on minor problems and with advice and service on some maintenance needs. I do recommend them with the maximum enthusiasm every chance I get.

Pat T., July 2014

We wanted to thank you for the repair work on our deck, or our hot tub holder. Shelter built the deck in 2006 and it is a rare company that will own up to, and fix, a problem from 8 years ago. We congratulate you and are proud to do business with Shelter …You stand behind your work, of that there is no doubt.

Wilson R., April 2014

We love our house and continue to receive many compliments from others on its beauty and quality of construction.  We always let them know who is responsible.

Bonnie and Cecil W., October 2013

We have worked with Shelter on two different projects, with the most recent one being the building of our current home. From design to finish, these guys are the best. I would not trust my project with anyone else. They are clearly a leader in this business in our area.

Velvet M., August 2013

THANK YOU for seeing my vision…

Sherry Q., April 2013

Dear Ed and Everyone at Shelter Alternatives,

Thank you so much for all you did – from design to completion – to create a wonderful home for us! We’re thrilled with it!

It’s been a pleasure working with you all. We so appreciate your diligence and integrity in building a quality home. We, and generations to follow, will benefit from your fine workmanship. With much appreciation…

Laura and Alan B., April 2012

We just did the walk through, and the house is absolutely beautiful. It is beyond what we expected and your entire team is what made our house a home…

Jen and Chris L., November 2009

It’s been a pleasure working with you……… and all the other folks who’ve contributed so much to the success of this project. We look forward to working with you again. P.S. We love the addition! The subs were all great!

Van and Laurie C., May 2009

Thank you to the whole team for all you’ve done to make our house into the home of our dreams. You’re the best!

Kirsten and Rhett H., June 2008

From the day we broke ground through the date we moved in, the Shelter Alternatives team has made this construction project one which we enjoyed and reaffirmed our belief that we had made the right choice in who to choose to build our home.

John S., November 2007

Judy and I just want to go on the record, in writing, with your Firm, in stating that we believe you have been extremely professional in the construction of the addition of our property – from start to finish. As an attorney, I can also state that you were more than fair in any adjustments or requested modifications, which, in my opinion, is the test of the reliability of any contractor. Your specifications, drawings, and other construction documents were well written and clearly understandable by everyone involved.

Your personnel made many suggestions in the original design and throughout the construction that greatly assisted us. We are pleased with the end result and are proud of the addition, which we believe greatly increased the value and appearance of our home.

Sebert K., December 2006

On the last glorious autumn....the view was amazing: glimmering river backlit by the blazing hills and the house set like a natural gem in all that loveliness....

....last night: playing music and hanging pictures, preparing dinner, drinking champagne; sitting in the cozy hot tub looking at the stars, watching the trains fling their headlights over the cliffs was like a sensual fantasy, almost unreal it was so shimmeringly PERFECT....

This morning the sunrise turned the cliffs opal pink (like the bathroom walls) and then the full-risen sun blasted the red wall with light; we ate breakfast not talking at all because it was too beautiful and we were too happy.

Ann G. and Rick C., November 2005

I just wanted to thank you again for all of the effort and help Shelter Alternatives put into the addition on our house. Right from the start, Joe was great in working with us on the design... All of the work was done entirely in a professional manner and with the highest quality of craftsmanship....

Bill and Sara B., November 2005

…we are happy to tell you how much we love the house you built for us….the final result is more beautiful and functional than we could ever have imagined beforehand….We are constantly recommending you...

Pat and Bob T., November 2005

Just a few lines to let you know how pleased we are…You have built a fine organization, and as the demonstrated high standards and values are applied to future projects, Shelter Alternatives will, without a doubt, continue to enjoy success.

Christine and Fred B., September 2003

Thank you for a job well done!....You’ve got a great group of people at Shelter!

Joanne and Dave H., October 2003

...the addition is beautiful and looks like it was part of the house as originally built. It really looks fantastic!...…We are enjoying the new space a great deal – and as usual, working with you and Shelter was great.

Cathy L. and Dan I., May 2002

We chose Shelter Alternatives because of your excellent reputation for quality work, and we were not disappointed.

Nat K., December 2002

The project turned out beautifully!  Exactly what we’ve come to know and expect from Shelter.  A truly professional team – well done.

Joan W., August 2002

… In a word; extraordinary!......Through every step of the design and building process, Shelter Alternatives did an excellent job of communicating with us…..We unquestionably recommend Shelter Alternatives to others considering building a home.

Mike and Linda H., July 2001

…My recommendation to anyone considering Shelter as a builder is to come out and look at this house, nothing in this letter is nearly so eloquent as the house they built.

Greg and Lorene U., January 2000

It’s impossible not to notice what a wonderful bunch of people you have assembled…

Glenda A., December 1999

We deeply appreciate what you have done for us in building our new home. You helped us in every way to “get it right” for us. Of particular concern to us was (the fact) we lived more than 1000 miles away…Again and again your honesty and integrity showed through.

Richard B., October 1998

You understood our needs and helped us see imaginative ways to meet them. You were practical and creative. You worked with our budget (and helped us keep it in mind as well)...I need to mention one more thing, however. As fine as the renovation is ... the experience of working with you was incomparable. You listened to us as carefully as anyone I have ever done business with. ...Others must say the same thing about Shelter Alternatives…about the excellence of the product, the care of the process, the integrity of the relationship. But I want to add our appreciation to theirs… Your work for us was simply beautiful. Thank you.

Rich M., May 1998

In recognition of the completion of our first home, we have sponsored the day on WVTF (Public Radio)... Thank you so much for building a beautiful home for us... We definitely chose the right company!

Judy and John H., July 1998

I had heard from many people that Shelter builds great houses. After working with you to build my house, I think I know why…You knew exactly what I wanted andI knew exactly what to expect. Elegant process equals elegant product.

Chris B., January 1998

…I know I’ve gone through this before, but ...virtually every morning that we wake up in the house we end up praising some aspect of it - it is just fantastic. Also, it has turned out to be incredibly efficient… while we were designing and building the house, we had significant expectations for the happiness our new home would give us. However these expectations have been absolutely overshadowed by the true happiness we have experienced since living in it. We cannot thank you enough.

Steve and Sally P., October 1997

We could not rave enough about everyone at Shelter Alternatives! And remember if we ever move, YOU come with us…

Diane K., June 1997

Note from a third owner of a house built by Shelter Alternatives, Inc.

Please accept this tardy but heartfelt expression of our gratitude for your help in fixing our heating system. You had no obligation ... and we simply want you to know how much we appreciate your generous act. It is unprecedented in my experience. If ever we can testify to the high standards that guide you in your work, I hope you will let us know.

Anne and John W., January 1997

I want you to know that I love the house and think you guys did a first rate job.  Steve was a pleasure to work with.  I hope he didn't find me too much of a pain.  It was a trying experience, not one I wish to repeat, but certainly worth the effort ...

Lori M., February 1997

Many thanks again for our wonderful abode - we come home every day and thank God and Shelter Alternatives.

Sookhan H. and Peter W., December 1997

Let me first thank you for providing such a friendly and professional crew! As you know I have experienced several renovation projects recently and my wife and I were pleasantly surprised by your employees' thoroughly professional approach

Jeremy H., December 1997

We just want you to know how pleased we are with our addition...Brian did a great job of designing it...Larry called as often as necessary to keep us up to date, even if it was to say "I don't know when the subcontractor is coming"... Even when things went wrong (I can think of three things along the way), they were corrected and done the way they were supposed to be... Joe calling well after construction was finished was icing on the cake... By the way... Everyone LOVES the spiral staircase!

Sheila H., August 1997

We wanted to thank you and all the Shelter employees one more time, for the special house you built for us. We are absolutely thrilled with the final product..... You are definitely the best!

Debby H. and Bob S., October 1996

I still "adore" my house and am daily reminded by the wonderful craftsmanship how grateful I am that Shelter built it!  Thank you!

Debbie K., July 1996

We'd like to thank you and the rest of Shelter Alternatives crew for helping us design and build our dream home...All of the people, including designers, site supervisor, carpenters, and front desk staff, were friendly and knowledgeable.  The process was well-organized, service was prompt, quality control standards were high, and the final product was excellent....and (we) are continually overwhelmed by how beautiful and functional it is.

, December 1996

We had the feeling we were working with someone we could believe and rely on. We also appreciated Shelter’s concern for the environment, and the energy conservation built into our house.

We were impressed with the people on the Shelter team. Without exception, we found them to be friendly, helpful and concerned about the quality of their work. The result is apparent in the excellent fit and finish of the work. We are very happy with our new home, and grateful to you for building it so well for us.

Peg and Dick B., November 1995

I want to thank you for building us a great house and being there to answer all of our questions.  I invite you to show our house to future clients if you wish.

Rick L., June 1995

Almost two years old now, the house continues to be a source of great joy.  The quality of workmanship evidenced now reflects the high standards set by the owner and
the Shelter crew throughout the process. We appreciated the opportunity of having Shelter build our house and would highly recommend them to any prospective home

Paula W., January 1995

Please know that I still walk around the house daily smiling and saying out loud "I love our home."  What that statement means to me is that you were able to sustain the spirit of the old house while adding so many wonderful features.

Joyce G., December 1995

Our builders sat, listened, and then designed a very special house for us. ... I would love for all to see our house!  If I sound excited, I am, but the credit goes to our builders as they helped us design a home about which we can be proud.

Diane K., December 1993

Our experience has been so positive, and our satisfaction so great, that we invite any interested party to tour our home and speak with us personally before choosing a builder.

Robert and Amy S., May 1991

The job you and your crew did in conceptualizing and constructing a house of this level of craftsmanship and quality is especially appreciated by a "hard to please" type of person like me.

Ralph E., May 1991

Shelter Alternatives throughout the project was supportive of our ideas, provided us with honest, cost effective options, remained flexible, built the house fairly quickly and seemed to genuinely care about the quality of their work.

Nick and Carol S., April 1990

Every time we look at our house nestled into the mountain, every time we step out on our back porch,every morning we wake and view the tree tops and blue sky through our bedroom windows, every time we fix a meal, wash a load of laundry or relax in our living room, we are reminded of how much we owe you.  We love our house. We love everything about it.

Nancy and Johnny M., December


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