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Comfort and energy solutions

We believe that you want your home to be comfortable, and we do too. Our experience with building science and high performance homes has shown that a comfortable home is often a healthy, durable, low maintenance home as well, and it can save on your energy bills. Our Energy Check division can perform a thorough review of your existing home to identify points for improvement. During the process of remodeling it is often easy to work in these simple upgrades.

Whether a new home, addition, or remodel we apply the same principles. Starting with the shell of the home, we want to make the insulation and air barrier continuous. Extensive testing has shown us the critical points to watch out for. Choosing components that balance cost, effectiveness, and impact on the planet helps us make your project right for you. We work next with all the systems, appliances and fixtures of your home, assessing the effectiveness of each decision along the way. Special attention to daylighting and generous overhangs keeps your home pleasant and protected, and a measured volume of filtered, preconditioned air from outside helps to keep your home healthy.