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Additions, remodels, and renovations

Our process for additions and renovations begins with a visit to your home. In this initial meeting we will listen to your needs and seek out potential design solutions while taking the existing conditions into account. The design solution will be paired with a rough cost estimate for completing the work. Occasionally, this estimate is broken down into several projects to help you prioritize and plan.

Once we identify a project scope that is appropriate for you, we will match you with one of our designers to help flesh out the project. The designer will begin with a comprehensive assessment of your home and any zoning or code conditions that may impact the desired work. We continue to work through various options and details to create the desired result you are looking for. As with our custom homes, our selections coordinator will work with you to choose fixtures and finishes and help create a pleasing cohesive look. We have a network of knowledgeable suppliers that help make shopping for these items pleasurable.

Having one of our field supervisors assigned to the construction of your remodel helps add peace of mind to the process. This contact supervises each employee or subcontractor working on the project and manages the process to attain your dream, while keeping your home safe for kids and pets.