We appreciate the kind words of our clients; many of whom we are pleased to have worked with on more than one occasion.

To everyone at Shelter - We can’t believe it has been 10 years since the completion of our lovely home. We are so proud of it and when showing it off, our friends and family are always amazed at the attention to detail given and the superior construction.

We are grateful for all the hard work everyone put into our home and every home Shelter completes. The quality puts us at ease, knowing how secure our home is. We just wanted to recognize and thank you for being the best home builders in the area, probably in the state!

Michael and Marilyn G., August 2016

...We are happy repeat clients of Shelter Alternatives and chose your company when we had the opportunity to build a new house on a rather challenging site “down in the valley”. Our new home is beautifully situated to fit well with the existing topography and takes full advantage of fantastic valley views. Working with Joe Bassett again was a pleasure and he listened well to our wants and needs to provide us with a house in which we can age in place. We don’t foresee any more construction plans in our future but if that came about we would certainly contact Shelter Alternatives.

Marty and Mary G., October 2015

We are enjoying watching the new house being built … Just wanted to tell you that we’re thrilled with the whole process. Joe was and is wonderful to work with - love his vision and his caring self. He pushed us when we needed to be pushed and was supportive when we needed that. Alice’s creative self has opened me up to possibilities that I would have never considered on my own but which I love and am most excited to actually see in place. John went way beyond anything that was required of him in helping us deal with the insurance company. We feel so lucky to be working with the Shelter team and all your sub-contractors.

Annie S., December 2015

THANK YOU for seeing my vision…

Sherry Q., April 2013

Dear Ed and Everyone at Shelter Alternatives,

Thank you so much for all you did – from design to completion – to create a wonderful home for us! We’re thrilled with it!

It’s been a pleasure working with you all. We so appreciate your diligence and integrity in building a quality home. We, and generations to follow, will benefit from your fine workmanship. With much appreciation…

Laura and Alan B., April 2012

We just did the walk through, and the house is absolutely beautiful. It is beyond what we expected and your entire team is what made our house a home…

Jen and Chris L., November 2009

It’s been a pleasure working with you……… and all the other folks who’ve contributed so much to the success of this project. We look forward to working with you again. P.S. We love the addition! The subs were all great!

Van and Laurie C., May 2009

Thank you to the whole team for all you’ve done to make our house into the home of our dreams. You’re the best!

Kirsten and Rhett H., June 2008

From the day we broke ground through the date we moved in, the Shelter Alternatives team has made this construction project one which we enjoyed and reaffirmed our belief that we had made the right choice in who to choose to build our home.

John S., November 2007

Judy and I just want to go on the record, in writing, with your Firm, in stating that we believe you have been extremely professional in the construction of the addition of our property – from start to finish. As an attorney, I can also state that you were more than fair in any adjustments or requested modifications, which, in my opinion, is the test of the reliability of any contractor. Your specifications, drawings, and other construction documents were well written and clearly understandable by everyone involved.

Your personnel made many suggestions in the original design and throughout the construction that greatly assisted us. We are pleased with the end result and are proud of the addition, which we believe greatly increased the value and appearance of our home.

Sebert K., December 2006

…we are happy to tell you how much we love the house you built for us….the final result is more beautiful and functional than we could ever have imagined beforehand….We are constantly recommending you…

Pat and Bob T., November 2005

Just a few lines to let you know how pleased we are…You have built a fine organization, and as the demonstrated high standards and values are applied to future projects, Shelter Alternatives will, without a doubt, continue to enjoy success.

Christine and Fred B., September 2003

...the addition is beautiful and looks like it was part of the house as originally built. It really looks fantastic!...…We are enjoying the new space a great deal – and as usual, working with you and Shelter was great.

Cathy L. and Dan I., May 2002

… In a word; extraordinary!......Through every step of the design and building process, Shelter Alternatives did an excellent job of communicating with us…..We unquestionably recommend Shelter Alternatives to others considering building a home.

Mike and Linda H., July 2001

…My recommendation to anyone considering Shelter as a builder is to come out and look at this house, nothing in this letter is nearly so eloquent as the house they built.

Greg and Lorene U., January 2000

It’s impossible not to notice what a wonderful bunch of people you have assembled…

Glenda A., December 1999

We deeply appreciate what you have done for us in building our new home. You helped us in every way to “get it right” for us. Of particular concern to us was (the fact) we lived more than 1000 miles away…Again and again your honesty and integrity showed through.

Richard B., October 1998

You understood our needs and helped us see imaginative ways to meet them. You were practical and creative. You worked with our budget (and helped us keep it in mind as well)...I need to mention one more thing, however. As fine as the renovation is ... the experience of working with you was incomparable. You listened to us as carefully as anyone I have ever done business with. ...Others must say the same thing about Shelter Alternatives…about the excellence of the product, the care of the process, the integrity of the relationship. But I want to add our appreciation to theirs… Your work for us was simply beautiful. Thank you.

Rich M., May 1998

I had heard from many people that Shelter builds great houses. After working with you to build my house, I think I know why…You knew exactly what I wanted andI knew exactly what to expect. Elegant process equals elegant product.

Chris B., January 1998

…I know I’ve gone through this before, but ...virtually every morning that we wake up in the house we end up praising some aspect of it - it is just fantastic. Also, it has turned out to be incredibly efficient… while we were designing and building the house, we had significant expectations for the happiness our new home would give us. However these expectations have been absolutely overshadowed by the true happiness we have experienced since living in it. We cannot thank you enough.

Steve and Sally P., October 1997

Note from a third owner of a house built by Shelter Alternatives, Inc.

Please accept this tardy but heartfelt expression of our gratitude for your help in fixing our heating system. You had no obligation ... and we simply want you to know how much we appreciate your generous act. It is unprecedented in my experience. If ever we can testify to the high standards that guide you in your work, I hope you will let us know.

Anne and John W., January 1997

We had the feeling we were working with someone we could believe and rely on. We also appreciated Shelter’s concern for the environment, and the energy conservation built into our house.

We were impressed with the people on the Shelter team. Without exception, we found them to be friendly, helpful and concerned about the quality of their work. The result is apparent in the excellent fit and finish of the work. We are very happy with our new home, and grateful to you for building it so well for us.

Peg and Dick B., November 1995