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Our Team

If you would like to contact a specific team member or department - please send us a brief note or give us a call and we will get you in touch with them right away.

Interested in Joining Our Team? We occasionally have opening in both our office and in the field, please feel free to submit your resume or employment related inquiries to

Behind the desks


Ed Tuchler

Design Team

Joe Bassett
Leah Simmerman

Selections Coordinator

Alice Coddington

Office Manager/Head Bookkeeper

Gregg Moneyhun


Mary Jane Huber
Steven Kranowski


John Hile
Patricia Arav


Caroline Bennett

Supervisory Staff

Eddie Hall
Eric Hill
Rick Kangus
George Rust
Grady Speigel

In the Field

Matt Blevins
Zach Coleman
Rodney Farley
Rodney Pennington
Ander Perez
Lonnie Phillips
Grant Pollock
Liam Roach
Steve Sadzewicz

Energy Check

Chris Nicholson, Operations Manager
Kimberley Boyer
Ian Akers
James Bertka
Stephen Swallow