Our Clients Say...

It's impossible not to notice what a wonderful bunch of people you have assembled.

Glenda Andes, December, 1999

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Who We Are

We are proud of our people and our work.

We are building a reputation and a future for ourselves, our families, our coworkers, and our company. Our reputation depends on how we build our homes and communicate with our customers.

We are working to create a legacy of lasting homes. A home may have many owners during its life, but we will always be its builder.

We are good stewards. We understand that building consumes many resources and represents an important investment for the owners, for the community, and in the future.

We are immortal. Homes, constructed well, will far out live the people who constructed them.

We are building our community, changing its face for a century and more, and creating the place our children and our children's children may call home.

We are living out our highest values.

We are respectful of and confident in ourselves, our community, and our customers.

We are always learning, changing and growing.

We are creating a better tomorrow.

We are Shelter Alternatives, Inc. the design and build team.

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