Our Clients Say...

Please accept this tardy but heartfelt expression of our gratitude for your help in fixing our heating system. You had no obligation … and we simply want you to know how much we appreciate your generous act. It is unprecedented in my experience. If ever we can testify to the high standards that guide you in your work, I hope you will let us know.

Anne and John Wilson, January, 1997

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Employee Profiles

Behind the desks

Ed Tuchler photo

Ed Tuchler trained in architecture at Virginia Tech before applying his knowledge to practical field experience. Having spent many of his 16 years here in the field as a supervisor he is now the company's manager and Owner. Handling sales, planning, scheduling and some design work he's likely to schedule himself off for a hike or a dance.

Chris Hudson photo

Chris Hudson has been the creative force behind many of our designs over the years. With education in both art and architecture he's had the thrill of walking into the home of a new client to discover an artwork on their wall that he had sold them as a student 20 years prior. Full time with the company for over ten years he contracted many of our designs before that. With a strong three-dimensional vision Chris is able to consistently think outside the box.

Jos Bassett photo

Joe Bassett started on the company's first house as a carpenter more than 16 years ago. His strength is in his breadth of experience having held the positions of field supervisor, estimator, and scheduler on his way to becoming a designer. His ability to focus on all aspects of a project also gives him the vision to find a golf course or fishing hole on many a sunny Friday afternoon.

Gregg Moneyhunn photo

"Gregg" Moneyhun joined our bookkeeping staff in the summer of 2005 on the eve of her youngest child starting school. After nine years at home raising kids she is still able to put up with the characters we have working in our office. She provides the day to day continuity needed to keep the bookkeeping running smoothly and we're happy to have her on our team.

Alice Coddington

Alice Coddington joined the Shelter team as Selections Coordinator in early 2006. With a genuine curiosity and a passion for good design, she explores myriad products for our clients' homes. This interest stems from a love of home and family and how to make a home a reflection of one's character. When she's not in the office, you can find her cooking a meal for her husband and two boys, working in her garden, or perhaps re-painting a salvaged porch glider. She also serves as a board member of the New River Land Trust and volunteers in many facets of the community.

John Hile photo

John Hile joined our company in 2010 with over 10 years of construction estimating experience. He enjoys figuring out how the pieces and parts of a client's project come together in the form of cost estimates and specifications. In his time off, John enjoys working on home and garden projects with his wife, and is an avid model railroader.

Andrew Bewick photo

Andrew Bewick Andrew joined our design team in 2012 with nearly 15 years of experience in our local market in design, estimating, and bookkeeping. He enjoys spending time with his family and reading with his daughter. Andrew loves to cook and share the fruits of his labor. You may see him on his bike on his way to work, but that's not much of a challenge for this retired bicycle racer.

Mary Jane Huber photo

Mary Jane Huber has been managing our bookkeeping for over 12 years. She makes the trek in from her recently completed solar powered home in Floyd County a couple times a week. Mary Jane provides another source of inspiration as we build towards the most energy efficient, green homes that we can.

Steven Kranowski photo

Steven Kranowski is another part timer in bookkeeping. He shows up like clockwork to help verify the accuracy of all the numbers.

Supervisory Staff

Steve Crate photo

Steve Crate is our senior field supervisor with over 9 years with us after 23 years of experience previously. He likes a complex project and is extremely thorough from start to finish. He'll often drive hours in an evening to see his daughter in a volleyball game or some other event.

Kevin Grubb photo

Kevin Grubb brings to us decades of broad-ranging residential construction experience and craftsmanship he obtained working with his father from Floyd, and he has great customer relations and communication skills. When he takes off his tool belt he hooks up the camper for a weekend with the family in the great outdoors.

Bill Cook photo

Bill Cook through his Cook Family Enterprises, joins us in association to provide supervision to some of our projects. With over 25 years experience building we are proud to have Bill out there coordinating the details, and answering questions.


Jason Underwood brings to our team a tireless work ethic and several years of experience in both construction and Realty. He wears different hats for us as both a field and warranties supervisor, making sure all the details and follow-up work for a project are as precise and quality-driven as our design and building. A dedicated family man who lives in Riner, Jason always has a friendly and engaging tale to tell about his latest personal projects and adventures.


Faith King is an experienced builder with a wide range of skills who brings a positive and motivating attitude to each job site. A Floyd county native and resident, Faith is a tireless worker and skilled craftswoman. Whether a large or small project, Faith exhibits a strong commitment to quality work and homeowner satisfaction.

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall worked for Shelter many years ago and we are happy to have his even more experienced supervision back on the job. If you’ve been to see The Artful Lawyer (James Creekmore) you’ve seen Eddie’s work at one of our more public project sites.

Other field employees

Steve Noll photo

Steve Noll has been painting for us since the early years of the company. He has an eye for what it takes to make a home look its best, and knowledge of the available products to make them shine. Steve has tackled many jobs both large and small for us and is always ready with a bit of wit or political insight.

Eric Hill photo

Eric Hill has worked for us since the late spring of 2005. In that time, he has skillfully wielded the tools of the carpentry trade on dozens of jobs, as well as honorably represented us in many local Homebuilder Association golf tournaments.


In addition to Eric and Steve, we are pleased to have a dedicated and hardworking team representing us in the field every day. That team includes Rodney Farley, Charlie Anderson, Henry Hinkley, Curtis Douglas, Dave Ayers, and Roy Lineberry.

From The Past

Cliff and Eric

Company founders Eric Sallee and Cliff Dowdy began the company in 1988. They stand here beside the first of many homes built by Shelter Alternatives. We owe a great deal to their vision and hard work to create the company that now continues their legacy.

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