Our Clients Say...

Please accept this tardy but heartfelt expression of our gratitude for your help in fixing our heating system. You had no obligation … and we simply want you to know how much we appreciate your generous act. It is unprecedented in my experience. If ever we can testify to the high standards that guide you in your work, I hope you will let us know.

Anne and John Wilson, January, 1997

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Conservation Incentive Program

How We Can Help You Save Energy

Shelter Alternatives is dedicated to helping our clients design and build energy efficient homes that use as few natural resources as possible. We often find that our clients are interested in building homes with high efficiency appliances, heating systems and insulation packages but when faced with the reality of the initial costs and the financing challenges are forced to fall back to more conventional products and methods.

Shelter Alternatives would like to help make some of the efficiency upgrades more affordable. If a client chooses to upgrade to one of the efficient products listed below we will decrease our overhead markup by the amount indicated, making the upgrades a little more affordable, the pay back period a little shorter and conserving the Earth's resources easier.


  • $753 or more qualified Energy Star appliances

Water Heating

  • $225Heat Pump water heater
  • $140Gas fired on-demand water heater
  • $600Solar water heater

HVAC Systems

  • StandardVariable speed air handler
  • StandardMastic sealing of ductwork
  • StandardProgrammable Thermostat
  • StandardEnergy Recovery Ventilator
  • $50SEER rating of 15 or above (per SEER # increase)
  • system dependentGround source heat pump

Insulation package

  • $150Exterior Walls above R-21
  • $250Continuous rigid insulation at wall exteriors
  • $150R-50 or above insulation in attics
  • $200Spray foam insulation in floor areas
  • $300Spray foam insulation in attics


  • $3520 or more LED or Fluorescent bulbs used in home
  • system dependentPhotovoltaic System (solar powered electric system)
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